About us

We create for the world of transport for as much as 150 years!

With the staff of experienced and motivated employees, and with a wide range of distributors and service, the V. Orlandi Company successfully penetrates world markets, at the same time ensuring every day safe operation.Since the company was taken over by a CAM-BS Group in 1989, V. Orlandi has been focused on the development and manufacture of coupling systems for agricultural vehicles market and trucks/lorries market.

A perfect inspection - from design to operation.

For V. Orlandi, the most important idea is to focus on the future and keep an eye on everyday life. This results in the use of most modern production technologies that satisfy the most demanding customers - in particular these technologies meet customers' demands for safety and reliability.

The V. Orlandi Company is certified by ISO 9001. The production is constantly monitored by an integrated system that provides the highest quality required in individual markets.

Advanced production technology is the heart of the V. Orlandi philosophy.

The construction process consists of a design process made in CAD systems using FEM (finite element method). Then the prototypes undergo tests on the test bench and fatigue strength test.

Mass production is carried out by CNC machining centres operating automatically, 24 hours a day. To guarantee consistent quality, all products and components are tested in the quality control department.

Quality and experience are V. Orlandi main assets.

All this is possible due to the profound knowledge and experience as well as everyday hard work of the whole staff of V. Orlandi.

This inner strength results in competitive offer of high quality and reliability products that allow us to rapidly expand our sale from Australia to South America, from Europe to Japan.

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